About us

Genesis Mark Was started in 2003, And Has An Office Based In Mumbai,With a Big Channel of Associates Spreading All Over India.

Now Genesis Mark In face-to-face Marketing Is One Of The Leading  Book Distributor In India. And Planning The Same For Abroad.

 Our innovative and aggressive marketing strategies and volume sales have made us one of the largest booksellers in India,.Our partnership with the Distinguished publishers and our strength of approaching people directly  at their doorsteps with our high quality products at the most amazing prices has helped us to attain extraordinary sales.

GENESIS MARK  will offer detailed feedback from the market on new titles, will work hard to establish the publisher’s brand with new customers and will work closely with  publishers on managing their sales in large quantity.Our innovative approach delivers unparalleled bottom line results to the publishers we work with.

 publishers  enjoy the combined advantages of reliable, sales through a network of the very best sales people based in each territory.

GENESIS MARK  brings to you a world of opportunities. Opportunities that pave your path to success.

We ourselves believe that our success and expansion as a business is entirely dependent upon the people with whom we work. Our policy is to find performance-driven individuals who place the highest value on customer service.

GENESIS MARK in face-to-face marketing, offers a unique opportunity to develop and coach individuals to excellence. Regular conferences are held in stimulating city locations around the country, and all events are designed to continually support learning and development.

What separates us from the competition is the pride we take in our personal interaction with the customer – we engage each and every individual in a conversation about their needs and requirements to ensure that they are choosing a product that is right for them, offering total satisfaction.

Our associates network provides genuine opportunities for successful Field Representatives to own their own marketing company, and then to support a region and, ultimately, a country. Each of these individuals is encouraged to develop their own unique company name and logo, in order to encapsulate their own personality and individual approach.

Our last year sales figure convert genesis mark into a brand,

Our main motto is to offer high quality products in affordable prices at the door steps of consumer..

every one wants to work and join us in creating expansion.